25. Al-Furqan (The Criterion)

Meccan, 77 verses

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

  1. Blessed is the One Who sent down the criterion to His servant, to be a warning for humankind,

  2. the One that the rule of the skies and the earth belongs to Him and He did not take a child and there is no partner for Him in the rule and He created everything and determined its measure (and proportion).

  3. And they took gods other than Him that do not create anything and they (themselves) are created, and they have no power to harm nor benefit themselves, and they have no power over death and life and resurrection.

  4. And those who disbelieve say: “This (Quran) is only a lie that he has made up and other people have helped him with it.” They have certainly committed a wrongdoing and a lie.

  5. And they say: “(These are) stories of the earlier ones that he has copied it and it is dictated to him morning and afternoon.”

  6. Say: “The One Who knows the secret of the skies and the earth sent it down. Indeed He is forgiving and merciful.”

  7. And they say: “What is with this messenger that he eats food and he walks in the markets (and streets), why has an angel not sent down to him to be a warner with him,

  8. or a treasure is not given to him, or there is no garden for him to eat from it?” And the wrongdoers say: “You are only following a bewitched man.”

  9. See how they gave examples about you, they are lost and they cannot find a way.

  10. Blessed is the One Who gives you better than that if He wants, gardens which rivers flow through them and He gives you palaces.

  11. No, but they denied the Hour and We have prepared a burning fire for anyone who denies the Hour.

  12. When it (hell) sees them from a far place, they hear it raging and roaring.

  13. And when they are thrown into a tight place of it, chained together, there they call for death.

  14. (They will be told:) “Today, do not call for death once but call for death many times.”

  15. Say: “Is this better or the eternal garden that is promised to those who are cautious (of God)? It (the garden) is a reward and a destination for them.

  16. They will have whatever they want in there, remaining forever. This is a promise that is your Lord’s responsibility.”

  17. And the day that He gathers them and whatever they served besides God, and He will say: “Did you misguide My servants, these (people), or did they lose the way?

  18. They (those whom you serve besides God) will say: “You are flawless (glory to You), it is not appropriate for us to take any protectors other than You, but You gave them and their fathers joy (and comfort) until they forgot the reminder and they became doomed people.”

  19. So they (those whom you serve besides God) will deny you in what you say, therefore you will not be able to turn away (the punishment) or get any help. And whoever does wrong among you, We will make him taste a great punishment.

  20. And We did not send any of the messengers before you unless they ate food and walked in the markets, and We have made some of you a test for the others, will you persevere? And your Lord sees all.

  21. And those who do not expect to meet Us say: “Why have angels not been sent down to us, or why do we not see our Lord?” They are indeed arrogant about themselves, and they disobeyed, a great disobedience.

  22. A day that they see the angels, there is no good news for the guilty ones on that day, and they (the angels) will say: “A forbidden ban (that you receive God's mercy).”

  23. And We turn to whatever work they did and We make it scattered dust.

  24. On that day, inhabitants of the garden have a good place to stay and a better relaxing place.

  25. A day that the sky with the clouds splits apart and the angels are sent down in a great descent,

  26. on that day the true rule belongs to the beneficent, and it is a difficult day for the disbelievers.

  27. And a day that the wrongdoer bites his hands saying: “I wish I had taken the way along with the messenger,

  28. woe to me, I wish I had not taken so and so as a friend,

  29. he has certainly led me away from the reminder after it came to me, Satan is a deserter of the human being (as he declares himself clear of the human being).”

  30. And the messenger says: “My Lord, indeed my people made this Quran abandoned.”

  31. And like that, for every messenger We made an enemy from the guilty ones. And your Lord is enough as a guide and a helper.

  32. And those who disbelieve say: “Why was not the Quran sent down to him all at once?” It is like that, so that We strengthen your heart with it, and We have recited it to you distinctly (slowly and gradually).

  33. And they do not give you an example (or question) unless We bring you the truth and the best explanation (of it).

  34. Those who will be gathered on their faces into hell, they will be in the worst position and far lost from the (right) way.

  35. And We have certainly given Moses the book and appointed his brother Aaron with him as his minister.

  36. Then We said: “You both go to the people who denied Our signs.” Then We destroyed them, a total destruction.

  37. And We drowned people of Noah when they denied the messengers and We made them a sign for the people, and We have prepared a painful punishment for the wrongdoers.

  38. And (We also destroyed) Aad and Thamud and inhabitants of the Rass (the well) and many generations between them.

  39. And to each one We gave examples (as warnings), and We destroyed them all, a total destruction.

  40. And they have certainly come upon the town that the bad rain was rained on. Did they not used to see it? No, but they do not expect resurrection.

  41. And when they see you, they only take you as a joke (saying:) “Is this the one whom God sent as a messenger?

  42. He (Muhammad) almost led us away from our gods, if we had not persevered in them.” They will know who is more lost from the (right) way when they see the punishment.

  43. Have you seen the one who has taken his desire as his god? Will you be his advocate?

  44. Or do you think that most of them listen or understand? They are like animals. No, but they are more lost from the (right) way.

  45. Do you not see how your Lord makes the shadow longer, and if He wanted He would have made it stand still, and We made the sun its guide.

  46. Then We pull it toward Ourselves, an easy pull.

  47. And He is the One Who made the night a cover for you, and sleep as rest, and He made the day as a rising (and to work).

  48. And He is the One Who sends the winds as good news before His mercy, and We send down pure water from the sky,

  49. in order to bring the dead land back to life with it, and make Our numerous creation of livestock and human beings drink it.

  50. And We have certainly explained it to them in various ways so that they may take notice, but most people refuse to be anything except ungrateful (and disbeliever).

  51. And if We wanted, We would have raised a warner in every town.

  52. So do not obey the disbelievers, and try hard against them with it (Quran), a great try.

  53. And He is the One Who merged the two seas, this one sweet and drinkable and that one salty and bitter, and He placed a boundary and a forbidden ban between them.

  54. And He is the One Who created a human being from the water, then He made him blood relative and marriage relative. Your Lord is capable.

  55. And they serve something besides God that does not benefit them and does not harm them, and the disbeliever is a supporter (of others) against his Lord.

  56. We have sent you only as a giver of good news and a warner.

  57. Say: “I do not ask you for any wage for it, except that someone may want to take a path to his Lord.”

  58. And put your trust in the One Who lives and does not die, and glorify Him with His praise, and He is enough to be well informed about His servants' sins.

  59. The One Who created the skies and the earth and whatever between them in six stages, then He reigned the dominion, the beneficent. So ask about Him from a well-informed one.

  60. And when it is said to them: “Be humble before the beneficent” they say: “Who is the beneficent, should we be humble (and prostrate) to what you order us?” And it increases their disgust (and hatred).

  61. Blessed is the One Who placed constellations in the sky and placed a lamp (the sun) and a shining moon in it.

  62. And He is the One Who made the night and the day follow (each other), for anyone who wants to take notice or wants to be thankful.

  63. And servants of the beneficent are those who walk on the earth modestly (and unselfishly), and when the ignorant ones talk to them, they say: “Peace (and well-being)”

  64. and those who spend the nights prostrating (showing humbleness) and standing before their Lord,

  65. and those who say: “Our Lord, turn the punishment of hell away from us, indeed its punishment is everlasting,

  66. it is indeed a bad place of stay and a bad position”

  67. and those who when they spend, they are not excessive and they are not stingy, and maintain a proper balance between that,

  68. and those who do not call on any other god with God, and they do not kill anyone except justifiably (in the due process of law) as God made (life) sacred, and do not commit adultery (and fornication), anyone who does that faces the punishment (of his sins),

  69. the punishment will be doubled for him on the Resurrection Day and he remains in there forever disgraced,

  70. except anyone who repents and believes and does good, then God changes their bad deeds into good, and God is forgiving and merciful,

  71. and whoever repents and does good, indeed he turns to God, a true repentance,

  72. and those who do not bear false witness and when they encounter the useless (acts and talks) they pass by it honorably,

  73. and those who when they are reminded of their Lord’s signs, they do not fall down on them deaf and blind (not listening and seeing the signs),

  74. and those who say: “Our Lord, give us delight of the eyes (cheer us up) by our spouses and children, and make us leader of those who are cautious (of God).

  75. They will be rewarded with the chambers (in paradise) for what they persevered, and they will be met with welcome and peace (and well-being) in it,

  76. remaining in there forever. It is a good place of stay and a good position.

  77. Say: “My Lord does not care about you if it was not for your calls. But you have certainly denied (the truth), so there will be an inevitable (punishment).”