30. Ar-Rum (The Romans)

Meccan, 60 verses

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

  1. A.L.M. (Alif. Lam. Mim.)

  2. The Romans were defeated

  3. in the lowest part of the earth, and they are going to be victorious after their defeat

  4. within a few (3 to 9) years. The command (and the judgment) belongs to God, in the past and in the future. And on that day the believers rejoice

  5. in God’s help, as He helps anyone He wants and He is the powerful and the merciful.

  6. (This is) God’s promise, and God does not break His promise, but most people do not know.

  7. They know the appearance (and facade) of this world’s life while they are negligent of the Hereafter.

  8. Have they not thought about themselves? God did not create the skies and the earth and whatever between them except with the truth and (for) a finite time. And indeed most people are disbelievers in meeting their Lord.

  9. Have they not traveled throughout the earth to see what the end of those before them was? They were more powerful than them and affected the earth more, and developed it more than they developed it, and their messengers brought them clear evidences. It was not God who wronged them, but they were doing wrong to themselves.

  10. Then the end of those who did bad was bad, because they denied God’s signs and they were ridiculing it.

  11. God starts the creation then brings it back then you are returned to Him.

  12. And on a day that the Hour establishes, the guilty will be hopeless.

  13. And there will not be any mediator for them among their partners (of God), and they will become disbelievers in their partners.

  14. And on a day that the Hour establishes, on that day they will be divided.

  15. As for those who believed and did good, then they will be delighted in a meadow.

  16. And as for those who disbelieved and denied Our signs and meeting of the Hereafter, they will be brought into the punishment.

  17. So glorify God when you turn in at the night and when you get up in the morning.

  18. And all praise in the skies and the earth and evening and during noon belongs to Him.

  19. He brings out the living from the dead and He brings out the dead from the living and He brings the land back to life after its death. And that is how you are brought out (back to life).

  20. And among His signs is that He created you from dust, then all of a sudden you are human beings spreading out (on the earth).

  21. And among His signs is that He created spouses for you from yourselves to calm down by them, and He put friendship and kindness between you. Indeed there are signs in that for people who think.

  22. And among His signs is the creation of the skies and the earth and the difference of your languages and your colors. Indeed there are signs in that for humankind.

  23. And among His signs is your sleep at night and the day while you pursue His bounty. Indeed there are signs in that for people who listen.

  24. And among His signs (that) He shows you the lightning as a fear and a hope, and He sends down rain from the sky bringing the land back to life with it after its death. Indeed there are signs in that for people who understand.

  25. And among His signs is that by His command the skies and the earth exist, then when He calls you from the earth with a call, you immediately come out.

  26. And everyone in the skies and the earth belongs to Him, they are all obedient to Him.

  27. He is the One Who starts the creation then brings it back, and that is easier for Him. And the highest attributes in the skies and the earth belong to Him. And He is the powerful and the knowledgeable.

  28. He gives you an example of yourselves. Is there among those whom your right hand owns, any partner that you are equal in what we have provided for you, and you are afraid of them as you are afraid of each other? That is how We explain the signs to people who understand.

  29. No, but those who do wrong follow their desires without any knowledge. Then who guides anyone whom God has misguided? And there are no helpers for them.

  30. So set your objective/purpose to the true religion (serving God alone), God’s system which He created people based upon it. There is no change in God’s creation. That is the lasting (and right) way of life (religion), but most people do not know.

  31. (Be of those) turning to Him (in repentance) and be cautious of Him and perform mandatory prayers and do not be of the idolaters,

  32. from those (idolaters) who divide their religion and become sects, every party is happy with what is with them.

  33. And when trouble touches people, they call on their Lord turning to Him (in repentance), so when He makes them taste from His mercy, then all of a sudden some of them associate (partners) with their Lord,

  34. in order to be ungrateful for what We gave them. So enjoy (for a while), then you will know.

  35. Or have We sent down any reason to them and it speaks of what they were associating with Him?

  36. And when We make people taste a mercy, then they are happy with it, and if something bad happens to them because of what their hands sent ahead (and what they did) then they lose hope.

  37. Or have they not seen that God increases and decreases the provision for anyone He wants? Indeed there are signs in that for people who believe.

  38. So give the relatives (and close ones) and the needy and the traveler (in need) their due. That is better for those who want God's pleasure (and His attention), and they are the successful ones.

  39. And whatever you give as usury (or as excessive interest) so that it increases in people’s wealth, it does not increase with God, while whatever you give in mandatory charity, wanting God's pleasure (and His attention), then those are the multiplied ones.

  40. God is the One Who created you, then provided for you, then makes you die, then brings you back to life. Is there any of your partners (of God) who can do any of those things? God is flawless and is above what they associate (with Him).

  41. The corruption (such as famine, drought and plague) appeared in the land and the sea because of what people’s hands did, so that He makes them taste some of what they did, so they may return.

  42. Say: “Travel throughout the earth and see what the end of those before (you) was. Most of them were idolaters.”

  43. So set your course (and purpose) to the lasting (and right) way of life (religion) before a day comes from God that there is no turning back for it, on that day they (people) are separated.

  44. Anyone who disbelieves, then his disbelief is against him, and anyone who does good, then they prepare (a good reward) for themselves,

  45. so that from His grace He will reward those who believe and do good. Indeed He does not like the disbelievers.

  46. And among His signs is that He sends the winds bringing good news and to make you taste from His mercy, and so that the ships sail by His command and so that you pursue His bounty, and you may be thankful.

  47. And before you, We have certainly sent messengers to their people, and they brought them clear evidences. Then We took revenge from those who committed crime. Helping the believers is Our responsibility.

  48. God is the One Who sends the winds to stir up (and raise) the clouds, then He spreads it in the sky as He wants, and He makes it into pieces, then you see raindrops coming out from within it, then when He makes it fall on any of His servants that He wants, they become cheerful,

  49. even though they were hopeless before it was sent down on them.

  50. So look at the effects of God’s mercy, how He gives life to the land after its death. Indeed that He is giver of life to the dead, and He is capable of everything.

  51. And if We send a wind that they see it turn (their crops) yellow, they certainly will become ungrateful after that.

  52. And indeed you cannot make the dead hear and you cannot make the deaf hear the call when they turn back going away.

  53. And you are not a guide to the blind (who does not want to see the truth) about their error. You can only make someone listen who believes in Our signs, so they are submitted (to Us).

  54. God is the One Who creates you from (a state of) weakness, then He brings about strength after weakness, then He brings about weakness and gray hair (and old age) after strength. He creates what He wants, and He is the knowledgeable and the capable.

  55. And on a day that the Hour establishes, the guilty ones swear that they only stayed (dead) for an hour. That is how they were deviating (from the truth).

  56. And those who were given knowledge and belief say: “You have certainly stayed until the Resurrection Day according to God’s book (and His mandate), so this is the Resurrection Day, but you did not used to know that.”

  57. So on that day, apology of those who did wrong has no benefit, and they are not allowed to plea (to appease God).

  58. And We have certainly given all kinds of example in this Quran for people, and if you bring them a sign (miracle), those who disbelieve shall say: “You are only falsifiers.”

  59. That is how God puts a seal on the hearts of those who do not know.

  60. So persevere (and be patient) for God’s promise is indeed true, and do not let those who are uncertain look down upon you.