44. Ad-Dukhan (The Smoke)

Meccan, 59 verses

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

  1. H. M. (Ha. Mim.)

  2. By the clear (and clarifying) book.

  3. Indeed We revealed it in a blessed night, indeed We are warners.

  4. Every wise command is made distinct (and well defined) in it,

  5. a command from Us. Indeed We are the senders.

  6. A mercy from your Lord. Indeed He hears all, knows all.

  7. The Lord of the skies and the earth and whatever is between them, if you are certain.

  8. There is no god except Him, He gives life and causes death, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers.

  9. No, but they play around in doubt.

  10. So expect a day that the sky brings a visible smoke,

  11. covering people. This is a painful punishment.

  12. Our Lord, remove the punishment from us, indeed we are believers.

  13. How is the reminder (of any use) for them, while a clarifying messenger has come to them

  14. and they turned away from him and they said: “A mad man taught (by others).”?

  15. We remove the punishment a little, (and) surely you will return (to disbelief).

  16. On a day that We assault with the great assault, indeed We take revenge.

  17. And We have certainly tested people of Pharaoh before them, and a noble messenger came to them

  18. (saying) that: “Deliver the servants of God to me, I am an honest messenger for you,

  19. and do not consider yourselves higher than God, indeed I brought you clear reason.

  20. And indeed I seek protection of my Lord and your Lord, that you don't stone me.

  21. And if you do not believe me then stay away from me.”

  22. Then he (Moses) called on his Lord: “Indeed these are guilty people.”

  23. (God told Moses:) “So travel with My servants by night, indeed you will be followed,

  24. and leave the sea calmly, indeed they will be a drowned army.”

  25. How many gardens and springs did they leave behind,

  26. and plantations and superb places,

  27. and riches that they were happy in them?

  28. It was like that, and We made other people inherit it.

  29. And the skies and the earth did not cry over them, and they were not given any delays.

  30. And We have certainly saved the children of Israel from the humiliating punishment

  31. of Pharaoh. He was indeed foremost among the excessive ones.

  32. And We certainly chose them (children of Israel) knowingly above all other people.

  33. And We gave them the signs, that in which there was a clear test.

  34. Indeed these (people) say:

  35. There is only our first death, and we will not be raised (again),

  36. so bring (back) our fathers if you are truthful.”

  37. Are they better or people of Tubba (a Yemenite dynasty) and those before them? We destroyed them, indeed they were guilty.

  38. And We did not create the skies and the earth and whatever is between them to play around.

  39. We did not create them except with the truth (and purpose), but most of them do not know.

  40. Indeed the day of separation/decision is the appointment for all of them.

  41. A day when a friend is not of any use to any friend at all, and they will not be helped,

  42. except whomever God has mercy (on him). He is indeed the powerful, the merciful.

  43. Indeed the Zaqqum tree,

  44. is food of the sinful.

  45. It boils in the stomachs like melted metal (or burning oil),

  46. like boiling of the boiling water.

  47. Take him and drag him into the middle of the hellfire.

  48. Then pour over his head from punishment of the boiling water.

  49. Taste, indeed you (thought you) are the powerful and the noble!

  50. Indeed this is what you used to doubt about it.

  51. Those who are cautious (of God) will be in a safe place,

  52. in gardens and springs.

  53. They wear (clothes) from fine and heavy silk, facing each other.

  54. It is like that. And We marry them to beautiful (spouses) with gorgeous eyes.

  55. They call for every (kind of) fruit in there safely.

  56. They do not taste death in there except the first death, and He has protected them from punishment of the hellfire.

  57. A bounty (and a grace) from your Lord. That is the great victory.

  58. Indeed We made it (Quran) easy in your language so that they may take notice.

  59. So watch, indeed they are watching (too).