51. Az-Zariyat (The Scattering Winds)

Meccan, 60 verses

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

  1. By the scattering (winds) that scatter,

  2. and by the carriers of a heavy load (of rain),

  3. and by the (ships) sailing with ease,

  4. and by the distributors of affairs/commands (the angels),

  5. what you are promised is certainly true,

  6. and the judgment is certainly a reality.

  7. And by the sky having pathways (and orbits),

  8. indeed you (people) are of different opinion (regarding the truth),

  9. anyone who is deceived, he is turned away from it (Quran and the truth).

  10. Death to the liars (and conjecturers),

  11. those who are neglectful in a flood (of ignorance).

  12. They ask: “When is the Judgment Day?”

  13. A day that they are burned over the fire.

  14. Taste (the result of) your trial, this is what you used to want it in a hurry.

  15. Indeed those who are cautious (of God) are in gardens and springs.

  16. Taking what their Lord has given them. Indeed they were good doers before this.

  17. They used to sleep a little of the night,

  18. and they ask forgiveness by the dawns,

  19. and there was a (portion) in their wealth due for the beggars and the disadvantaged.

  20. And on earth there are signs for those who are certain,

  21. and (there are signs) in yourselves (too), do you not see?

  22. And your provision (produced by rain) and what you are promised are in the sky.

  23. By the Lord of the skies and the earth, it is certainly true, same as (it is true that) you speak.

  24. Did the story of the noble guests of Abraham reach you?

  25. When they entered upon him and they said: “Peace (and well-being).” He said: “Peace (and well-being) strangers.”

  26. Then he went to his family and brought a fat (roasted) calf.

  27. Then he placed it close to them saying: “Won’t you eat?”

  28. Then he felt afraid of them, they said: “Do not be afraid.” And they gave him the good news of a knowledgeable son.

  29. Then his wife came forward screaming, striking her face, and she said: “I am an infertile old woman.”

  30. They said: “That is what your Lord has said, indeed He is the wise, the knowledgeable.”

  31. He said: “You messengers, what is your business?”

  32. They said: “We were sent to a group of guilty ones,

  33. so that we send upon them stones of clay,

  34. marked by your Lord for the excessive ones.”

  35. So We brought out anyone who was among the believers in there.

  36. But We only found a house of the submitted ones in there.

  37. And We left a sign in there for those who fear the painful punishment.

  38. And in (the story of) Moses when We sent him to Pharaoh with clear power,

  39. then he turned away with his base (of supporters) and said: “A magician or a madman!”

  40. So We took him and his troops, then We threw them in the sea, and he was to blame.

  41. And in (the story of) Aad when We sent upon them the destructive wind.

  42. It did not leave anything that it came upon it, except making it as decomposed things.

  43. And (the story of) Thamud when they were told: “Enjoy yourselves for a while.”

  44. Then they disobeyed their Lord’s command, so the thunderbolt took them while they were looking.

  45. Then they could not stand up and they could not defend (or take revenge).

  46. And people of Noah in the past, indeed they were disobedient people.

  47. We built the sky with Our power and We are certainly expanding (it).

  48. And We spread out the earth, and how good We spread out.

  49. And We created pairs of everything, so you may take notice.

  50. So run off to God. Indeed I am (sent) by Him as a clear warner for you.

  51. And do not set up another god with God. Indeed I am (sent) by Him as a clear warner for you.

  52. Similarly, no messenger came to those before them unless they said: “A magician or a madman.”

  53. Did they recommend (one another) to that? No, they are rebellious people.

  54. So turn away from them, you are not to blame.

  55. And (continue to) remind, as indeed the reminder benefits the believers.

  56. And I did not create Jinn and humans except to serve Me (and no one else).

  57. I do not want any provision from them and I do not want them to feed Me.

  58. Indeed God is the provider, having the power and the definitive strength.

  59. So indeed for those who do wrong there will be a share (of punishment), like the share of their companions (and those in the past), so they should not ask Me to rush.

  60. So woe to those who disbelieve from their day that they are promised.