1. 74. Al-Muddaththir (The one who Covers)

Meccan, 56 verses

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

  1. You who have covered yourself,

  2. get up and warn

  3. and magnify your Lord

  4. and cleanse your clothes

  5. and keep away from filth

  6. and do not do favor to ask for more

  7. and be patient for (the sake of) your Lord.

  8. So when the horn is blown

  9. then that day is a difficult day,

  10. not easy upon the disbelievers.

  11. Leave Me alone with whom I created

  12. and I gave him plenty of wealth

  13. and sons (who are) present

  14. and made (everything) easy for him, so easy

  15. yet he desires that I increase (it for him).

  16. No way. He is indeed stubborn against Our signs.

  17. I am going to make him suffer a terrible punishment.

  18. Indeed he thought and calculated.

  19. So death to him, how did he calculate?

  20. Then (again), death to him, how did he calculate?

  21. Then he looked

  22. then he frowned and looked angry

  23. then he turned back and showed arrogance.

  24. Then he said: “This (Quran) is only a handed-down magic,

  25. this is nothing but the word of a human being.”

  26. I am going to enter (and burn) him in hell.

  27. And how would you know what hell is?

  28. It does not spare and it does not leave,

  29. burning human being (skin and flesh).

  30. (Guarding) over it are nineteen (angels)

  31. and We made only the angels guardians of the fire and We made their numbers (nineteen) only as a test for those who disbelieve, so that those who were given the book would be certain and to increase the belief of those who believe, and those who were given the book and the believers would not doubt, and so that those who have a disease in their hearts and the disbelievers say: “What did God intend with this example?” That is how God misguides anyone He wants and guides anyone He wants. And none knows God's soldiers except Him. And this is only a reminder for the human being.

  32. No way, by the moon

  33. and the night when it retreats

  34. and the morning when it lights up,

  35. indeed it (hell) is one of the greatest (signs),

  36. a warning for human being,

  37. for any one of you who wants to be ahead (be believing) or to be behind (by disbelieving).

  38. Every person is pawned by what he has done,

  39. except associates of the right (the fortunate),

  40. in gardens, asking

  41. from the guilty ones:

  42. What made you enter into hell?”

  43. They say: “We were not the performers of mandatory prayers

  44. and we were not feeding the poor

  45. and we used to enter into (false and useless) conversation with those conversing (falsely and uselessly)

  46. and we used to deny the Judgment Day

  47. until the certainty (of death) came to us.”

  48. So mediation of the mediators will not benefit them.

  49. So what is with them that they turn away from the reminder (Quran),

  50. as if they are scared donkeys

  51. running away from a lion!?

  52. Yet, every one of them wants to be given open papers (from God),

  53. certainly not (they will not believe). No, they are not afraid of the Hereafter.

  54. On the contrary, indeed it (Quran) is a reminder,

  55. so anyone who wants will take notice (from) it.

  56. And they will not take notice unless God wants. He is entitled to be cautioned of, and is entitled to forgive.