78. An-Naba' (The News)

Meccan, 40 verses

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

  1. What do they ask each other about?

  2. About the great news.

  3. The one that they disagree about.

  4. No way, they are going to know.

  5. Then, no way, they are going to know.

  6. Did We not make the earth a resting place,

  7. and the mountains as pins?

  8. And We created you in pairs.

  9. And We made your sleep as a rest.

  10. And We made the night as a cover.

  11. And We made the day as a livelihood (to earn a living).

  12. And We built seven stable (skies) above you.

  13. And We made (sun) a glowing lamp.

  14. And We sent down plenty of rain from the dense clouds

  15. that We bring out with it grain and plant

  16. and dense (and lush) gardens.

  17. Indeed the day of separation/decision is an appointed time.

  18. A day when the horn is blown and you come in groups (of large number).

  19. And the sky is opened and becomes gates,

  20. and the mountains are moved and become a mirage.

  21. Indeed hell is (waiting as) an ambush,

  22. as a place of return for the rebellious ones,

  23. staying in there for a long time.

  24. They do not taste anything cool or any drink in there,

  25. except boiling water and pus.

  26. An appropriate punishment.

  27. They were not expecting any reckoning,

  28. and they strongly denied Our signs

  29. while We keep track of everything in a book.

  30. So taste (the punishment), for We never add anything to you except punishment.

  31. Indeed victory is for those who are cautious (of God).

  32. Fenced gardens and vineyards,

  33. and fully developed maidens of the same age,

  34. and overflowing cups.

  35. They do not hear any useless talk or any lies in there.

  36. A reward from your Lord, a calculated reward,

  37. (a reward from) the Lord of the skies and the earth and whatever is between them, the beneficent. They do not have any authority from Him to talk,

  38. a day when the spirit and the angels stand in a row, they do not speak except anyone whom the beneficent permits and he says what is right.

  39. This is the day of the truth. Therefore anyone who wants, he takes a way of return to his Lord.

  40. Indeed We warned you of a forthcoming punishment, a day when a person looks at what his hands have sent ahead, and the disbeliever says: “I wish I was dust.”