80. Abasa (He Frowned)

Meccan, 42 verses

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

  1. He frowned and turned away

  2. because the blind man came to him.

  3. And how would you know? He may purify himself

  4. or take notice, so the reminder would benefit him.

  5. But whoever supposes he has no need,

  6. then you pay attention to him

  7. while it is not your responsibility if he did not purify.

  8. But whoever comes to you rushing

  9. and he fears (God)

  10. then you pay no attention to him!

  11. No way, it (Quran) is a reminder,

  12. so anyone who wants will take notice (from) it.

  13. (Written) in honored pages

  14. elevated and purified,

  15. by the hands of ambassadors/scribes,

  16. noble and good.

  17. Damn the (disbelieving) human being, how ungrateful he is!

  18. What did He create him from?

  19. He created him from a fertilized egg (zygote), then proportioned him.

  20. Then He made the way easy for him.

  21. Then He made him die and had him buried.

  22. Then He will raise him when He wants.

  23. No way, he did not fulfill what He ordered him.

  24. So the human being should look at his food.

  25. Indeed We poured down plenty rain

  26. then We split open the earth, cracking (for spouts),

  27. then We made grain grow in there,

  28. and grapes and vegetable,

  29. and olive and date palm,

  30. and fenced gardens with lots of trees,

  31. and fruit and grass,

  32. an enjoyment for you and your livestock.

  33. So when the deafening blast comes,

  34. a day when the man runs away from his brother

  35. and his mother and his father

  36. and his spouse and his sons (children),

  37. on that day every one of them has a matter occupying him.

  38. On that day (some) faces are bright,

  39. laughing and joyful.

  40. And on that day (other) faces have dust on them,

  41. darkness covers them,

  42. they are the disbelievers, the immoral ones.