81. At-Takwir (The Rolled Up)

Meccan, 29 verses

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

  1. When the sun is rolled up

  2. and when the stars are dimmed

  3. and when the mountains are moved

  4. and when the ten-month pregnant camels are abandoned

  5. and when the wild animals are gathered

  6. and when the seas are set on fire

  7. and when the souls are paired

  8. and when the girl buried alive is asked

  9. for what sin she was killed

  10. and when the pages (of deeds) are opened

  11. and when the sky is removed

  12. and when the hellfire is lit

  13. and when the garden is brought near,

  14. a person knows what he has brought along.

  15. So I swear by the disappearing (and reappearing stars/planets),

  16. running their course (orbit) and hiding,

  17. and by the night when it turns dark

  18. and by the morning when it breathes (and lights up),

  19. indeed it (Quran) is the word of a noble messenger,

  20. powerful and distinguished with Owner of the dominion,

  21. he is obeyed and is honest.

  22. And your companion is not a madman,

  23. and he has certainly seen him on the clear horizon.

  24. And he is not stingy with the unseen (that is revealed to him),

  25. and it is not the word of expelled Satan.

  26. So where are you going?

  27. It is only a reminder for humankind,

  28. for any one of you who wants to go straight.

  29. And you do not want (anything) except what God, the Lord of humankind, wants.