83. Al-Mutaffifin (The Cheaters)

Meccan, 36 verses

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

  1. Woe to those who give less than is due (the cheaters/the embezzlers),

  2. those who when they take a measure (or an amount) from people, they take it in full

  3. and when they give a measure (or an amount) to them or they weigh for them, they give less.

  4. Do they not think that they shall be raised

  5. for a great day?

  6. A day when people stand before the Lord of humankind.

  7. No way, definitely the record of the immoral ones is in Sijjin.

  8. And how would you know what Sijjin is?

  9. It is a written book.

  10. Woe to the deniers on that day,

  11. those who deny the Judgment Day.

  12. And no one denies it except every sinner exceeding the limits.

  13. When Our verses are read to him, he says: “Stories of the earlier ones.”

  14. No way, but what they used to do has covered their hearts with rust.

  15. No way, indeed on that day they are excluded from their Lord.

  16. Then they shall enter (and burn in) the hellfire.

  17. Then it is said: “This is what you used to deny.”

  18. No way, indeed the record of the good ones shall be in Illiyin.

  19. And how would you know what Illiyin is?

  20. A written book,

  21. the close ones (to God) testify to it.

  22. Indeed the good ones shall be in delight.

  23. They will be on sofas looking.

  24. You will recognize the glow of delight in their faces.

  25. They will be given sealed nectar to drink.

  26. Its seal is musk. And the contenders should compete for that (delight).

  27. And its mixture is from Tasneem,

  28. a spring that the close ones (to God) drink from it.

  29. Indeed those who were guilty used to laugh at those who believed,

  30. and when they passed by them, they would wink at each other (ridiculing them)

  31. and when they returned to their people, they would return joyfully

  32. and when they saw them, they would say: “These are certainly misguided.”

  33. Although they were not sent as guardians over them.

  34. So today those who believed laugh at the disbelievers,

  35. they are on sofas looking.

  36. Were the disbelievers rewarded for (anything other than) what they used to do?