89. Al-Fajr (The Dawn)

Meccan, 30 verses

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

  1. By the dawn

  2. and by the ten nights

  3. and by the even and the odd

  4. and by the night when it goes away.

  5. Is there an oath in that for one who has understanding?

  6. Have you not considered what your Lord did with Aad

  7. (people of) Iram (a city) with pillars

  8. the like of which was not created in the lands,

  9. and Thamud, those who carved out the rocks in the valley,

  10. and Pharaoh having the stakes (pyramids)?

  11. Those who rebelled in the lands

  12. and increased the corruption in it,

  13. so your Lord unleashed the whip of punishment on them.

  14. Indeed your Lord is on the watch.

  15. As for the human being, when his Lord tests him and honors him and favors him, then he says: “My Lord honored me.”

  16. But when his Lord tests him and decreases his provision for him, then he says: “My Lord dishonored me.”

  17. No way, but you do not respect the orphan,

  18. and you do not encourage one another about feeding the poor,

  19. and you eat up the inheritance, eating up altogether,

  20. and you love the wealth, a great deal of love.

  21. No way, when the earth is pounded, crushed and leveled,

  22. and your Lord comes, and the angels (come) row by row,

  23. and on that day hell is brought, on that day human being will take notice, but what (use) does the notice have for him?

  24. He says: “I wish that I had sent ahead (something) for my (new) life.

  25. So on that day no one punishes as He punishes,

  26. and no one ties up as He ties up.

  27. You the reassured soul,

  28. return to your Lord, pleased (with Him) and pleasing (to Him),

  29. so enter among My servants

  30. and enter My garden.