91. Ash-Shams (The Sun)

Meccan, 15 verses

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

  1. By the sun and its glow,

  2. and by the moon when it follows it,

  3. and by the day when it shows it,

  4. and by the night when it covers it,

  5. and by the sky and what built it,

  6. and the earth and what extended it,

  7. and by the soul and what shaped it

  8. and inspired/taught it to its immoralities and its self control,

  9. anyone who purifies it (themself), has succeeded

  10. and anyone who corrupts it (themself), has failed.

  11. Thamud denied with their rebellion.

  12. When the most nasty of them rose up,

  13. then God's messenger said to them: “(That is) God's female camel and her share of drink.”

  14. Then they denied him and killed her, then their Lord fully punished them for their sins and leveled them (to the ground)

  15. and He was not afraid of its outcome.