A summary of Quran's instructions

As everyone knows Quran is God's guidance and light for human beings on how to live their lives in a way that every right of every individual is upheld and therefore people live with peace of mind in a just and prosperous society in which there is no sign of tyranny, oppression, poverty, ignorance, and degradation of human dignity. Everyone should remember that God does not need us, our faith, or for that matter our servitude, see verses 3:97 and 39:7. So His commands are truly meant to be the guide and the light for the way we conduct our lives, and therefore by submitting to Him and living by His recommended way of life we can will achieve prosperity in this world and the hereafter.

The following section highlights some of the key instructions of Quran. It is a set of instruction that have been extracted from Quran as a reference for those who want to quickly find out what Quran instruct people to do. Each instruction is mentioned with a reference verse. It should be noted that these instructions may not be the literal translation of the associated verse, but they are phrased to be in the form of an instruction and therefore they are not exact translation of the verse but are driven from the meaning of the verse.

These instructions are the basis of morality, humanity, conscience, ethics or whatever name one may call the code of conduct that are required by human beings to live with each other in peace and harmony.

Listen to the words and follow the best 39:18

Compete in doing good 5:48

Respond to badness with what is better 41:34, 23:96

Counter (and respond to) badness with goodness 28:54

Speak nicely to people 2:83

Be nice and warm hearted with people 3:159

Invite people with wisdom and good advice, and debate with them in the best manner. 16:125

Be truthful, humble, patient, and charitable. 33:35

Be patient and forgive 42:43

Be gentle with people, and pardon them 3:159

Pardon others, and order to what is good, and stay away from the ignorant ones. 7:199

Forgive when you are angry 42:37

Control your anger, and forgive people 3:134

Do good openly or in secret 4:140

Forgive people faults 4:140

Be patient in hardship, loss, and during the disasters 2:177

Forgive and improve the affairs 42:40

Be patient about whatever (suffering) happens to you 31:17

Do not be jealous and envious 4:54, 113:5

Do not ridicule other people 49:11

Do not criticize and find fault about one another 49:11

Do not call and offend each other by nicknames 49:11

Stay away from most suspicions 49:12

Do not spy (or snoop) on each other 49:12

Do not defame and gossip about each other 49:12

Do not slander 104:1

Do not look for each other fault 104:1

Do not pile up (hoard) wealth 104:2, 9:34

Do not love wealth and good things excessively 89:20, 100:8

Do not talk nasty in public 4:148

Do not spread rumors 24:15, 17

Do not falsely accuse anyone 24:11

Do not be greedy 4:128

Do not be selfish show offs 4:36, 57:23, 31:18

Do not do things just to be seen by others 107:6

Do not refuse small kindnesses 107:7

Do not be boastful or excessively joyful 28:76

Do not turn your cheek away from the people, and do not walk on the earth arrogantly 31:18

Do not be a hypocrite 4:142

Observe and watch over what has been trusted to you 23:8, 70:32

Return the trust to their owners 4:58

Observe and fulfill your promises 2:177, 17:34, 23:8, 70:32

Do what you say 61:2

Do not let the hatred of any group make you act unjustly 5:8

When you speak, be just even though it is about your relatives 6:152

Be just and do good and help your relatives and stay away from indecency, unaccepted acts and injustice 16:90

Do not cover the truth with lies, and do not hide the truth 2:42

Stay away from indecency, wrongful behaviors, and injustice (cruelty) 16:90

Do not act corruptly 7:74, 26:183, 11:85, 29:36

Consult with each other in your affairs 3:159, 42:38

When you judge between people, judge with justice 4:58, 5:42

God tests everyone with the book which He has given them 5:48

Stay away from useless acts and talks 23:3

Stay away from useless talks 28:55

Do not withhold the testimony 2:283

Do not be equivocal in your testimony 4:135

Be just and testify truthfully even if it is against yourselves, your parents, or your relatives, and whether it is for rich or poor. 4:135

Do not be excessive in spending and do not be stingy 25:67

Do not spend excessively (and wastefully). 17:26, 27

Do not be stingy 59:9, 64:16

Do not be tightfisted nor do overspend 17:29

Do not take each other’s property wrongfully 4:29, 2:188

Do not bribe officials so you can wrongfully take other people’s property 2:188

Do not wrong your partner 38:24

Do not drive away those who ask for help 93:10

If a debtor is having financial difficulty, give him time, and if you forgive the loan as charity, it is even better for you 2:280

When you are borrowing from (or lending to) one another then write it down 2:282

When you buy and sell, have witness 2:282

Do not lie 22:30, 45:7

May the liars be wiped out 58:10

Be good to your parents 2:83, 6:151, 17:23

Be good to your neighbors 4:36

Be good to orphans 2:83, 4:36

Be good to your relatives and close ones 2:83, 4:36,

Do not be harsh on orphans 93:10

Do not go near property of orphans except in the best way 6:152, 17:34

Give full measure, and do not be of those who give less (than due) 6:152, 11:85, 26:181

And weigh with accurate scale 6:152, 11:85, 26:182

And do not give people less than they are due. 11:85, 26:183

Do not enter any house except your house until you have (asked and) been given permission and have greeted their residents. 24:27

There is no blame on you in what you make a mistake in it, but you are responsible for what you do intentionally 33:5

Every person is responsible for what they do 52:21, 74:38, 2:134, 2:139

Anyone who does a tiny bit of good will see the result of it, and anyone who does a tiny bit of bad will see the result of it 99:7-8

Do not use your oaths to deceive others 16:92, 16:94

Do not swear falsely 58:14

You are not held responsible for useless oaths, but you are responsible for your binding oaths. 5:89

And do not say fabricated lies that this is lawful or this is forbidden 16:116

Do not look lustfully 24:30 (M), 24:31(F)

Guard your private parts 23:5(M), 24:30, 24:31(F), 33:35(M&F), 70:29

Do not feel sad when you lose something or you are in trouble 3:153

Do not be sad over what you lose (or miss) nor be overjoyed about what you gain (or achieve) 57:23

Avoid great sins and indecencies 42:37

Avoid wine (and alcoholic beverages), gambling, and sortilege 5:90

Do not steal 5:38

Do not kill each other 4:29

Do not kill anyone except justifiably (in the due process of law) 16:151, 17:33, 25:68

Killing anyone except justifiably is like killing all the people, and saving a person's life is like saving everyone's life. 5:32

If you want to revenge, do not revenge more than you were made to suffer, but regardless forgiving is better 16:126

Usury is prohibited 2:275

Do not take usury (excessively) multiplying it over and over 3:130

Do not go near adultery (and fornication) 17:32

Treat your women nicely 4:19

Spouses are for comfort and tranquility of each other 7:189, 30:21

Couples should have friendship and kindness between themselves 30:21

After divorce, either take care of the women nicely or let them go nicely 2:231

If you participate in a good cause you will have a share of it, and if you participate in a bad cause you will have a portion of it 4:85

Be good to your parents, your relatives, orphans, needy, your neighbors, your friends, the travelers (in need), and those who serve you (and work for you) 4:36

Fasting is mandated to you so you may control your desires. 2:183

Do not follow what you don’t have knowledge of 17:36

Do not follow the wishes of those who do not know. 45:18

Follow those who do not ask for any wages, and who are guided (to the right path) 36:21

Do not follow guess (assumption) because guess has no benefit against the truth at all. 10:36, 53:28

Avoid following your desires 79:40

Do not obey excessive people 26:151

Do not be ungrateful 17:67, 22:66, 42:48

Give to mandatory charity 5:12, 2:43, 33:33

Spend from your wealth (in God’s way) 2:261

Spend in charity and betterment from the good things that you have earned 2:267

Do not spend from the useless things which you would reluctantly accept it yourselves 2:267

Do not make your charities worthless by reproach and annoyance 2:264

Perform mandatory prayer, because it prevents you from indecent and wrongful acts 29:45

There are things that you do not like and it is good for you, and there are things that you like and it is bad for you 2:216

It is possible that you dislike something that God has placed a lot of good in it 4:19

The aforementioned instructions were a summary of God’s commands regarding people’s interpersonal relationship and important rules of conduct. In the following we mention some key instructions related to religion and its goal:

We sent Our messengers with clear proofs, and sent down with them the book and the standard of right and wrong so that people uphold and carry out justice 57:25

If you avoid the big sins that you are prohibited from, God will take away your sins and enter you into paradise 4:31

God will admit anyone who believes and do good works to paradise 65:11, 64:9

Do not ask about things that if they are disclosed to you they may annoy you... God has ignored them (left them out on purpose) 5:101

There is no compulsion in religion (religion is not mandatory) 2:256

No one have authority to force people to believe 88:22

No one can force people to believe 10:99

Do not force anyone to believe 50:45

God has no need of you (and your belief) 3:97, 39:7

Your religion for you and my religion for me 109:6

God has not imposed any difficulty on you in religion 22:78

Do not exaggerate in your religion 5:77

Do they have partners for God who have prescribed for them of the religion what God has not permitted it 42:21

God will not share his rule (command) with anyone 18:26

Do not lie, saying that this is lawful or this is forbidden 16:116

Do not make up lies and attribute them to God 7:37

Do not change God’s commands and words 2:211

The best way of life is to live by God's commandments 3:19

God’s word will not change 10:64

God does not task anyone beyond his capability 2:233, 2:286, 6:152, 7:42

God wants ease for you and He does not want difficulty for you 2:185

God wants to reduce your duties and responsibilities 4:28

God has mandated mercy (kindness) from Himself 6:12, 6:54

God orders everyone to Justice 7:29

God pays you back tenfold s for your good deeds, while only paying you back equal to your bad deeds 6:160

Serve God and do not associate anything with Him (as partner) 4:36

Do not call on anyone besides God 26:213

God forgives anything that He wants, but not associating any partner with Him 4:48, 4:116

The believers, the Jewish, the Christians, the Sabians, and whoever believes in God and the Last Day, and does good work, have their reward with God and they should not be afraid or sad. 2:62, 5:69

Serve (worship) none but God, and be good to your parents. If one of them or both of them reach old age with you, do not say to them ugh (yuck) nor yell at them, and talk to them respectfully (and with honor) 17:23

God does not break His promise 30:6

There are many religious scholars and monks who wrongly eat up people’s wealth and obstruct God’s way 9:34

The occupants of hell will say: God, we obeyed our leaders and our elders (great ones), and they made misguided us. 33:67

So woe to those who write the book with their own hands and say: this is from God 2:79

Those who hide (do not tell others) the clear proofs and the guidance that God sent down and explained them in the book for the people, will be cursed by God and those who curse. 2:159

They sold the verses of God for a small price, and obstructed His way. 9:9

Some people speak in a way (twist their tongue) about what is in the book, that you think it is part of the book, while it is not from the book and they say: it is from God 3:78

Do not ever lose hope of God’s mercy 12:87

Some people say nice words to deceive others 6:112

God knows what people’s mind seduces them to 50:16

God is closer to people than their jugular vein 50:16

God does not change the condition of any group of people, until they change themselves (by changing their thinking, their words, and their behavior) 13:11

Anyone considering himself without need shall certainly rebel 96:6-7

If God increases people’s wealth, they shall certainly commit oppression on earth 42:27

Anyone who do not believe in the hereafter has deviated from the right path 23:74

Try hard with your possessions and your lives in God’s way 9:41, 49:15, 61:11

We believe in God, what was sent down to us (Quran), what was sent down to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and his children, what was given to Moses and Jesus (Torah and Bible), and what was given to prophets from their God. We do not differentiate between any of them 2:136, 3:84

The Jewish say: the Christians are not on anything (are not right), and the Christians say: the Jewish are not on anything (are not right)... All the ignorant people say the same thing 2:113

God prescribed to you from the religion what He directed Noah to it, and that which We revealed to you, and what We directed Abraham and Moses and Jesus to it, that you shall observe (and perform) the religion and do not be divided in it 42:13

Believers should put their trust in God 3:122, 3:160, 5:11, 14:11, ….

The most noble of you before God is the most righteous of you 49:13

God resurrects people to justly reward those who believe and do good 10:4

And the following instructions are several key instructions regarding the completeness, comprehensibility, clarity, and other virtues of the noble Quran:

God has not left anything about religion out of Quran 6:38

God has sent down Quran explaining everything about religion 16:89

Follow what has been sent down to you from God and do not follow anyone other than Him (or Quran). 7:3

Quran is certainly easy to remember and comprehend 54:17, 22, 32, 40

Think about what you read in Quran 4:82, 47:24

So read from Quran as much as much as possible 73:20

Muhammad does not speak out of his own will 53:3

And if Muhammad had made up some saying (and attributed them) to God, He would have taken him, and would have cut off his aorta (main artery) 69:44-46

Everyone hold on to the rope of God (Quran) and do not be divided 3:103

Quran is nothing except a reminder for the people of the world (humanity) 68:52

Quran is a clear and clarifying book 12:1, 26:2, 27:1, 28:2, 43:2, 44:2

Explanation of Quran is Our responsibility 75:19

Nothing can prove Quran wrong , now or in the future 41:42

We have sent down the Quran, and We are definitely its guardian 15:9

Whoever does not judge by what God has sent down is among the disbelievers… is among the wrongdoers … is disobedient 5:44-47

God sent down the Scriptures in truth, to judge between people in their disputes. 2:213

God sent down the Quran to clarify for people what they disagreed about 16:64